Using the Example of Facebook

There is a process of collecting emails from people who visit your website for entertainment or something different in their lives. They want to explore your website more and find out what you offer. When they go for exploring another page on your website, there you ask for their email. A dialogue box appears, and it asks for the email address of the user to move forward. In this way, you collect the emails of the people who visit your website and can be your potential customers or users. One way is to email them about your new products, or blog post on your website. But there is another efficient way to use this list of emails that you have collected from your users.

You can target your potential customers for your Facebook ad in several ways. But a great way and an efficient process are to target a greater audience through your list of emails. This article will show you how you can use your emails or Facebook ad marketing and, how effective is this method of advertisement.

How Can Email-Lists Help Advertising on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the major social media platforms. It started when a student wanted to be in contact with his friends and later became accessible to everyone.

Out of the total 7.6 billion world population, 2.6 billion people are users of Facebook. This shows that almost 1/3 of the total people in the world are having their accounts on Facebook. Very rare businesses and companies in the world have been able to be this successful. This shows that Facebook is a huge success and the biggest company in the world now.

Facebook offers businesses to attract their potential customers from any niche market. Their efficiency is even more than Google, as it gives authority to the advertisers to select their target market more flexibly.
Facebook offers you an efficient way to help you create your target market and audience for your ads. This is done when you provide the list of your collected emails from the users through the dialog box. This works as an identifier for Facebook. It uses these emails, finds them in its users’ base, and forms a list. You can focus on this list made by Facebook to target the custom audience.

Some Important Points About the Audience

Using emails for targeting people through Facebook ads requires the permission of its users. That can be in the form of anything like a small check box that asks for permission about updating them for new actions on the website. It is better if you hire a manager who can help you with these rules.

The custom audience that is targeted through this process must be equal to or greater than 20 members. It can also be less than the number of emails you have collected. There can be many reasons for that. Some people have more than when email addresses, they can enter a different email address when you ask on your website and can use another email address when they log into their Facebook accounts. In this way, not all the people in your emails come into the custom list of Facebook. People can also browse different websites while being logged out of Facebook which excludes them from the custom list again. Every time your emails collected through the website increases; you must update the Facebook list on your own.

Purpose of Forming Your Audience

After you complete the first step of forming a custom audience, now is the time to show them the ads that you want. They might have forgotten about your website or product, but now, your ad display then makes them remember about it. You can also drive their attention to follow you or like your page and that would not be so difficult for them if they are included in your email list.

In a custom audience, you can target your customer repeatedly if you have a business and product of that kind. Some companies even promise discounts or offers in return for a sign-up or your email address. you can attract the existing customers by different discount offers so that they buy from you again.

Sometimes, all of us come in a situation where we are about to buy something and we put it in the cart, but then due to some reason, just leave it there. That reason can be anything like a shortage of money or a disabled bank account. It happens to all of us. Businesses can use this opportunity through the emails of those customers who have left their purchase in the cart and can offer different discounts so that the person completes the purchase.

Lookalike Audience

A lookalike audience means more people like the ones you have already selected. Facebook helps you create a lookalike audience if your email list is the same as the list of users of Facebook. You ask Facebook and it just finds more people like the ones already in your email list. In this way, you increase your target audience.

This new group of people will not be aware of your business and the product you are offering. You can interact with them like a normal advertisement to new faces. However, it will be easier than a normal advertisement because you will select a new group of people with your own choice. This makes it easier for you to expand your customer base with no additional cost.

You can target the new audience with the existing ad or form a new one. You can give a discount to new customers on their first purchases.

As you see, reaching out to people through an emails list is a much more effective way than normal advertisement campaigns. It makes it easier for you to find potential customers and users and reduce your cost of advertisements.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic means users opening your website through a different website like Facebook. There needs to be a small pixel available on your website that helps you keep these users in your record. This Facebook pixel helps Facebook track the user’s actions on your website and then inform you about them.

First, you need to install Facebook’s Pixel on your website. Once you have done that, you can start interacting with those users who arrive at your website through Facebook but were not interested enough to stay there. they might need one last push to spend more time on your website. For that purpose, you can use different marketing techniques like discounts and attractive offers that entice them to visit your website again.

Are There Any Legal Implications?

The real question and concern in the minds of businesses and advertisers are if all these processes of targeting people through their emails are legally allowed or not. Well, the answer is, they are allowed. There are no legal implications according to the Facebook policies, irrespective of the country it is operating in. However, the health care industry does not allow to target people based on their health.

If you feel that your company does not need to follow your customers to this extent, it is completely fine. This is just a strategy for marketing, and your business doesn’t need to do this. There are many big companies, like McDonald’s, who are not using this method and are still doing great.

Some businesses that can gain advantage from this method are as follows:

  • Small cafes: If a person is visiting your café and likes the coffee then display your ad and collect his email so that he comes back again when you notify him about any discount.
  • Gaming companies: If a person takes out time to give his email, then notify them about the next part of that game.
  • Fashion trends: New fashion trends develop interest among the users, and they want to learn more about them.
  • Hardware companies: If a person has bought some computer hardware, you notify them to buy something related to it, or a new model.

The people who give their consent, which we discussed earlier, are the only ones who are getting the ads displayed on their feed. This content is required because some people do not want anyone to invade their privacy. They need to understand that almost 1/3 of the whole world is a user of Facebook. Anyone using your email to show you an ad is doing so by automatic systems. They cannot look at everyone they add to their email list. Therefore, it is an effective way, and most people are fine with it.

It is beneficial for the website owners to add privacy policies for their users that explain everything related to advertisement and they feel comfortable while entering their email addresses when they are exploiting your website. If you ever change the privacy policy, notify your users about it. This may increase the number of people entering their email addresses while navigating through the website and enable you to increase your custom audience.