The success of a website also depends on the referring link from other websites to yours. Linkbuilding is one of the major features of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helps to rank your website organically.

Google works on the principle of showing high authority websites to its visitors prefer only those websites that other websites trust.

The ranking potential of your website will not be fully reached without any backlinks, no matter how much you have used optimized images and on-page content. Optimizing your site and wait till other websites automatically trust your website’s authority and will bring traffic to your site might take forever.

So it’s better to develop a full-fledged linkbuilding strategy and generate links on other websites that give a guarantee to your site and increase its authority.

In this article, we will study deeply what are backlinks, the difference between a do-follow and no-follow backlink, and what are the best strategies that you can employ to increase the authority of your site.

What Exactly is a Backlink?

Before we dig deeper into the strategies of how to implement backlinks to your website, let us see what are backlinks. The concept of backlinks is easy to learn.

Any links coming from other sites to your website are called backlinks. The most common technique to link is via hypertext.

The backlink authority of a website is the total number of backlinks a website is given from other websites. It is a vote that other sites are sending you.

If your site is getting a lot of backlinks from several different sites, it will signal Google that your site is of high authority.

The domain authority is a numerical value on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the score of domain authority, the easier it will be for a website to rank higher on a search engine page.

You can check your domain authority by using any kind of Domain Authority Checker. You only have to insert the URL of your website in the domain checker and press enter.

Many factors increase the domain authority of a website. Google does not tell exactly what factors work but there are SEO experts who have experienced and implemented strategies that give ideas about ranking factors.

Correlation between SEO & Linkbuilding

SEO and backlinks are correlated to each other. You must be wondering if the backlinks are worth your time and efforts.

Because there is quite a long checklist of On-Page and Technical SEO and it consumes a lot of your time.
Are the backlinks also important for SEO and backlinking? And is it important to ask other websites to link to your sites?


Studies have shown that the higher the number of backlinks a website has, the higher will be its ranking on SERP.
The websites with the most visits and top-ranking have millions of backlinks on their websites.

Additionally, studies show that a website ranking on the second number for a specific high volume keyword generally has 10,000 more referring domains than the one on the tenth position for the same keyword.
And when we compare the top two ranked websites, we come to know that the website ranking on the first spot has about 2.2 times more backlinks than the one on the second spot.

Studies mentioned above show that backlinks are a very important part of SEO and play a vital role in raking a website on the SERP.

Keeping its benefits in mind, it’s clear that backlinks are worth investing time and struggle.

The Linktype

When thinking of giving backlinks to your website, you have to see that there are two types of backlinks i.e, so called dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

Its main goal is to increase the credibility of your site on Google so you have to put only those backlinks that help you in ranking a website.

A no-follow backlink is that which does not tell Google to pass authority to the site so even thousands of nofollow backlinks from different sides will not increase your domain authority. But such backlinks are vital for increasing the number of referring domains linking to your website.
Referring domains are the second most important feature in backlinking and helps you to reach the top position against your keywords.

The increasing number of poor-quality backlinks and tons of spam comments used by site owners led Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines to introduce this feature of no-follow backlinks so a high quality link can be easily distinguished from spam links.

In some cases, site owners will use the “nofollow” attribute when linking to other content online, which looks like this:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Brand Digital Agency</a>

So it is important to determine which type of backlinks you find for your site. If you just want to increase the authority of your website then use dofollow.

No-Follow links are not useless links, they are also a very important attribute of bringing referral traffic to your website. So developing a clear strategy and making a plan about what kind of backlinks you need for your site is very essential.

Why the Link Authority is so Important?

The main thing to consider in mind while building an SEO strategy is to focus on high authority and quality instead of quantity.

That’s how SEO trends have been changed over time.

A lot of site owners started to influx their website with as many links as possible from any sources even spam links. Due to this, the owners of Google changed their criteria via algorithms and began to give preference to those websites that have quality backlinks instead of quantity.

And that’s how Google is working since then.

Spam practices like low quality and fake directory submission, spam commenting, private blog networking are no longer criteria for ranking a site on SERP and increasing the authority of a website.

Since then, there is a chance that Google will penalize you if you flood your site with many low quantity backlinks instead of focusing on high quality. Moreover, these spammy and thin backlinks can even harm your website instead of ranking and can also lower your domain authority.

Because Google wants to show its visitors the best results who are original in content and have real authority, it strictly discourages bad linking practices.

In a nutshell, you should prioritize high-quality links instead of low quality links and remember that one high-quality link from a site with high authority is better than 100 low-quality links from spam websites.

Suitable Ways to Get Authority Backlinks like a Pro

Getting backlinks for your website is a challenging task.

Asking other websites to give you backlinks is not an easy task.

Why should a website with a high authority domain give you a backlink? To make this possible you also have to provide them something worth value.

The following techniques and the best ways to gain high authority links from reputed websites. You can easily rank your website and improve SEO if you follow the methodologies discussed below.

Run Researches

For SEO backlinks, you can make a profile on your website where you compile research papers and articles for references. Many reports are emerging out in any business.

You have to find the reports related to your business and compile them in your blog. That will help other website owners to get references from you and the backlinks will be automatically generated to your site.

Just have a look at this Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing report, you can compile these lengthy reports and provide their data to other websites for backlink generation.

Statistics are always changing and you have to be up to date for the latest results.
Keep in mind that it only works when statistics are hard to find on the internet for businesses and you are giving them easy access.

You can find any report and search the backlinks linking to it. You will find thousands of websites are linking to it for references. If you can find and compile a similar resource, you can easily get benefits from this amazing SEO backlink technique.

Get the Same Backlinks as your Competitors

Another great way to identify link targets for your site is by doing some competitor research and see which sites are already linking to your competitors.

Find out your competitors, make a list, and put them in the Ahrefs tool.

Now just click the button to find the backlinks of your competitors.

Add filters according to your desired domain authority, and save the results.

Now open each of the source links from which your competitor is getting the backlink and try to get for your website by reaching out to them.

As there is a limited space on the first page of Google so websites have to compete with each other to secure the top spot. Therefor stealing your competitors’ backlinks is one of the best SEO backlink strategies.

Since these competitors are ranking higher than you so their backlinks must be something valuable, so each of these links are primary key targets for you.

Enter a few of your competitors’ domains, and you’ll see a list of sites that link to all of them.

Utilize Public Relations

Guest posting boosts your ranking and increases domain authority but it is not the only solution to get backlinks.

You can take a public relations (PR) approach to brand your website online and be the center of coverage in the news media.

There are many sites like Help A Reporter, or HARO where you can sign up as a resource and write valuable content.

Once you become a resource and select your category of the company, you will be bombarded with emails of journalists who will approach you to ask questions about quotes and references.

This fantastic approach works well if you become a viable source for them.

Guest posts

Guest posting is a classical and evergreen strategy to get backlinks and is very popular these days since many other poor backlinking strategies are no longer fruitful.

But Guest posts have worked always and have resulted in giving the best ranking results and building a positive reputation.

Finding an owner that allows you to post on his website is tricky and time taking process but its benefits are guaranteed. Reach out to websites that allow you to write for them on their blog.
If a site admin accepts your request, you can write a great article on his website following the instructions that he provided.

Drop a link to your website in the article and in the author’s information section.

Many high domain websites allow you to write for them. All you have to do is search for websites that will agree without demanding any fee.

If you continue this strategy and generate backlinks from highly reputed sites, you will soon begin to increase the ranking of your website.

Finding a site in your niche is also very important because you cannot post a home décor article on a website that produces tech blogs.

You might be wondering that it must be a very difficult task but don’t worry. Many Backlink Checker Tools let you know about the keywords of your competitors and provide you with a full detail where your competitors are getting guest posts from. Simply send them emails and watch their response.

Utilize these metrics and build strategies according to your domain to boost your ranking.

Skyscraper Content Strategy

Skyscraper is a fantastic technique in SEO in which you find a really good content and write something even better and superior.

When this strategy was introduced, the entire SEO industry went to bat. It’s all about writing content more appealing, engaging, and informative.

Fix Broken Links

Websites have blogs on which they share information regarding their business. Sometimes, they include references to statistics and reports to justify their stance.

And the links from which they have acquired references no longer exist because sometimes sources are moved or deleted. And if someone clicks the reference links, they are either broken or do not exist giving a bad impression for their site and also deterring their website from ranking.

If you find similar broken links on a website, you can include a page on your website with similar sources and ask them to take references from your website.

Many sites have thousands of links out to other sites as sources for statistics, facts, and other information.
For this purpose, go to Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker tool to find any backlinks that no longer exist. Enter the URL of the site you are seeking a backlink from, then go through the Broken Links report.

Now read the list of the broken links one by one and see if there are any statistics that your website can provide. If so, you are good to go.

For all the backlinks you have built you can use the backlink monitoring tool, which is free of cost.

White- & Black Hat SEO

The main difference between a White-Hat SEO and a Black-Hat SEO is that the former follows the Google guidelines and produces original content for the users, while the latter violates the Google guidelines and deceives users.

Using Black Hat SEO techniques for backlinks guarantee site penalty from Google and deter your website from ranking.

Adopting spam links, cheap directory submission, private blogs, and low-quality backlinks will surprise you with the opposite results you will be expecting.

For reaching other websites via emails, you should not bombard them with continuous emails and begging them to link to your website.

Sending repetitive emails will only get labeled spam from other sites and they will not like to link to your website.
You have to make a well-planned strategy and keep track of the outcome of your efforts. It also provides you insights into your responses and sales.

You can access tools like Salesmate which will tell you when your prospects have opened or responded to your mail, it also helps you to get relevant updates about your progress. And give you an idea about what kind of emails you are getting a response to and in what places you need improvement.


Backlinks are an important and integral part of SEO but it is one of the most challenging tasks.

Your unique and efficient backlink strategy will decide the fortune of your website, either it will rank you on the top spot or will waste your time due to poor quality links.

There are many ways to establish SEO backlinks some of which are discussed above like Guest posting, skyscraper content, reaching out to competitor’s backlinks, building broken links.

If you apply all the latest backlink strategies along with original content, you will benefit from backlinks a lot.